Saturday, August 18, 2012

Please Fill Out This Survey!

Hey kittens,

As mentioned in one of my recent posts, I am starting an online campaign to stop Sanrio from making girl-harming products. I love Hello Kitty, but I find some of her recent products to be harmful to girls. The "I am as heavy as three apples!" collection may convince girls to discuss their weights with each other, and the "Head of the Class" make-up collection ad teaches girls that beauty is more important than brains.

These products upset me, so I have decided to start an online petition to ask Sanrio to stop making girl-harming products. Before I make the petition though, I would like to see if anyone agrees that these products are harmful.

I would really appreciate it if you kitties would answer this survey. It would make my day!

The url is:

Another great survey:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Focusing On The Positive From The Olympics

When it comes to evaluating the Olympics from a feminist standpoint, I am not going to focus on the negative. I'm not even going to look at the positive and the negative. I am only going to look at the positive.

The London games marked the first time in history that every country brought women. Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia made this possible. One of my favorite moments from the games was watching Wojdan Shaherkani, the first female Olympian from Saudi Arabia, compete in judo.

Female firsts happened for the US as well. For the first time in history, the US brought more women to the games then men. And majority ruled. US Women won 29 out of 46 gold medals.

Here's a list of my other favorite feminist moments from the games:

1. Kayla Harrison became the first person from the US to win gold in judo.

2. Jessica Ennis wins gold for the home team in heptathalon.

3. Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings three-peat their gold in beach volleyball.

4. The US Women's basketball team wins gold for the fifth time in a row. Another first!

5. Gabby Douglas becomes the first person of color to win gold in gymnastics Individual All-Around.

6. In addition to bringing female athletes for the first time, Qatar has one of their fiercest women, Bahya Mansour Al Hamad, hold the flag for the opening ceremony.

7. US women win the first water polo gold in history for the US.

8. The first US gold in women's gymnastics floor exercise goes to Aly Raisman.

9. Serena and Venus win gold in tennis doubles, and then Serena wins gold in singles. With these wins, Serena and Venus became the first tennis players in history to win four Olympic medals.

10. Missy Franklin, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer and Allison Schmitt win gold in world record time in swimming's 4x100 meter medley relay.

11. Also in world record time, Carmelita Jeter, Allyson Felix, Tianna Madison and Bianca Knight win first women's gold in 4x100 meter sprint relay since 1996.

12. Kristin Armstrong shares her gold medal in women's individual cycling with her son.

13. And last but certainly not least, the Fab Five wins gold in women's team gymnastics for the first time since 1996.

So let's celebrate the huge advances for female athletes in the 2012 London Games. What a perfect way to honor the 40th anniversary of Title IX!


And let's not forget the great feats of the 2012 Cat Olympics!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sanrio: Enough with the Girl-Harming Products

As many of you already know, I am a social action representative for Miss Representation. My newest social rep project is to start an online campaign that works to end sexist media. I have decided to take on Sanrio and their sexist Hello Kitty products. I think that this campaign is perfect for The Feminist Feline because it urges one of the world's favorite felines to stop its girl-harming products.

I recently wrote a post about Hello Kitty's "I am as heavy as three apples!" collection. In the post I discussed about how the collection promotes unhealthy weight aspirations for young girls:

Whether or not Sanrio meant to inform consumers of Hello Kitty's slim physique, this product teaches girls that it's okay to discuss weight with one another. I'm not trying to say that weight is a taboo topic, but one's weight is personal. When we start discussing it with our friends, we get competitive. It's inevitable. And it's this weight competition that perpetuates society's obsession with being skinny. - The Feminist Feline, July 12, 2012

 I came across another sexist Hello Kitty collection while browsing through the Miss Representation twitter page.

Mubnii said it perfectly. The Hello Kitty "Head of the Class" make-up collection teaches girls that looking pretty is more important than being smart. We need to stop telling girls that beauty trumps brains.

These two offensive Hello Kitty collections have inspired me to start an online petition on I'm going to try to get some more friends on board before I make it. Stay tuned for the petition!


This kitty values brains over beauty!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another News Writing Piece That I'm Proud Of: "Reactions on Campus to the Republican War on Women"

Hello all,

I've been swamped lately! I realized last night that I hadn't done a blog post in almost three weeks (#oops), so I need to get back on track with feminist feline blogging!

Lately I've been working on an op-ed about women's health at my summer internship with Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA-02) and it's bringing back some great memories from my news writing class last semester. I thought I'd share another feminist article from that class with you guys. This one is about GW student reactions to the war on women. It is intended to be a web article (links galore!) so I thought it would be perfect to share with my fellow feminist felines.

I interviewed students from GW National Organization for Women/Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and GW Men of Strength. I am the public relations chair for GW NOW/FMLA. My fellow board member, Elizabeth discusses some of the exciting events we did this past semester.

I did an edited version in which I interviewed a Republican student (got to be unbiased sometimes), but I thought that you guys would rather read purely feminist draft. I know I like that one better! :-P

This draft was written on April 11, 2012.

Reactions on Campus to the Republican “War on Women”

By Corinne Falotico

Several student organizations are joining forces to fight the so-called Republican ‘War on Women,’ whether such a thing exists or not.

With student organizations such as National Organization for Women and Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Men of Strength, and Students Against Sexual Assault, both male and female students are getting involved in the fight for contraceptive and abortion rights for women.

“I don't know whether or not the Republicans intended to wage a ‘War on Women,’ but it's hard to classify the recent onslaught of harmful policies and attitudes as anything but a war,” said freshman Elizabeth Settoducato, who is the LGBT Chair of GW National Organization for Women and Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, an umbrella organization of what used to be two separate organizations on campus.

GW NOW and FMLA holds many discussion-based meetings, as well as activist events to educate peers and ensure all that women’s and feminists' voices are heard. In early February, the club attended a press conference at the National Press Club with Planned Parenthood, Feminist Majority Foundation, and Catholics for Choice to speak out against the Catholic bishops who wished to take contraception coverage out of the Affordable Care Act.

Three weeks ago, GW NOW and FMLA helped Catholic University’s Students for Choice organization hand out condoms on the CUA campus.

“We hope to reach out to neighboring religious universities to help their students and feminist groups advocate for access to contraceptives,” Settoducato said.This is about so much more than healthcare or birth control. This is about giving women a voice because the ‘War on Women’ should not have to be fought in the first place.”

The Men of Strength club at GW encourages men to get involved in the fight for women’s rights, and the members of the club do not find the “War” out-dated.

“I don't believe that every Republican is against a woman's right to choose how she utilizes her own body,” said sophomore GW Men of Strength member Matt Scott. “But I do believe that the overall message of the Republican Party is a traditional, hyper-gendered approach where men make decisions for and about women.”

GW Men of Strength does a lot of publicity projects to inform the GW community just how much of a problem violence against women is. Recently, the club made posters with facts such as “15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12,” as well as participated in GW Students Against Sexual Assault’s “Take Back the Night” week.

“Take Back the Night” is an international protest against rape and other forms of sexual violence. GW SASA joined the cause by holding a week of discussions, speakers, and projects, culminating in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, in which male students walked a mile in high heels.

With both female and male students getting actively involved in the fight for women’s rights, it is hard for any student at GW to deny that women’s rights are in danger.

“The ‘War on Women’ may not be intentionally vitriolic, but it is unintentionally misogynistic,” said Scott. “When confronted with this accusation, the Republican party seems to ignore it or deny it rather than take the criticism as a critique or an opportunity to improve.”


The war on kitties.

~ Corinne

Thursday, July 12, 2012


A link to Hank for Senate's page came in a close second.

This week's cat video is a hilarious attack ad to Hank. Poor Hank!

Hello Kitty Is As Heavy As Three Apples

I stumbled across a Hello Kitty backpack in Target the other day and was stunned by what I saw.

Right next the picture of the beloved cat was a caption that read "I am as heavy as three apples."

Since when does anyone care how much Hello Kitty weighs?

My Social Action Rep instincts told me to tweet the image with #NotBuyingIt to inform Miss Representation of this offensive product.

Whether or not Sanrio meant to inform consumers of Hello Kitty's slim physique, this product teaches girls that it's okay to discuss weight with one another. I'm not trying to say that weight is a taboo topic, but one's weight is personal. When we start discussing it with our friends, we get competitive. It's inevitable. And it's this weight competition that perpetuates society's obsession with being skinny.

So do me a favor and join me in not buy any of Hello Kitty's "I'm as heavy as three apples" products. They are not good for girls. We already receive enough pressure from the media to be slim.

Why can't Hello Kitty be fat positive like these kitties?


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unite Women Rally...Yea It Was a Few Months Ago

I thought my few - but loyal! - followers (aka my roommate) might like to see an article I wrote for my newswriting class this past spring about the Unite Women rally in DC on April 29. I did get an A on it! The article was written on April 30, 2012.

Small but dedicated crowd at the Unite against the War on Women D.C. Rally

By Corinne Falotico

Anastasia Merinova walked into Upper Senate Park this Saturday at three p.m. expecting an angry mass of feminists, but merely saw a small crowd filled with a few signs.

“I was a little disappointed because I expected more people,” said freshman Anastasia Merinova. “But as I stood there for a while, I realized that the people who were there were really passionate.” hosted rallies in over forty states this past Saturday to protest the Republican “war on women” that has been a hot topic in politics lately. Many people believe that a war is being waged by the Republican Party against women because politicians have produced over 1100 bills nationwide that attempt to control women in the areas of abortion, contraception, equal pay, and personhood.

The Washington, D.C. Unite Women rally was held in Upper Senate Park and was packed with speakers, including former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. Many of the other speakers were assembled at the last minute yet still managed to get the crowd riled up against the “war.”

“Despite of all the rhetoric, –especially from the right –part of the reason that women are oppressed around the world is because when men feel uncomfortable, they take it out on the people closest to them –women,” said Derrick Ashong, one of the event’s speakers and founder of the niche advertising company, Take Back the Mic. “Men especially need to learn to respect and honor the rights of women.”

Ashong was one of the more well-known speakers at the rally, but many of the event’s organizers and volunteers also shared their stories.

“To me, the war on women means that someone is telling me when to have children,” said event organizer Kemyta Terry. “I don’t like that.”

 “I think the speakers that I saw were very passionate,” Merinova said. “They were very interesting because each speech covered different topics.”

In addition to Granholm, Ashong, and Terry, other speakers included:
  • Sara Hutchinson from Catholics for Choice
  • Soraya Chemaly of the Huffington Post
  •  The Rev. Dr. Alethea Smith-Withers
  •  Mara Keisling, the founding Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality
  •  Erin Matson of the National Organization for Women 
  • Callie Otto and Eric Orantes of Catholic University Students for Choice 
  • Melody Hensley of the Center for Inquiry                                     
Another aspect of the rally that really stood out to Merinova was the posters. Each poster was filled with unique phrases, including:

·         “If I wanted the government in my vagina, I’d f**k a senator.”
·         “This body is not a political battle ground.”
·         “If men could get pregnant, there would be NO debate on contraception and abortion rights.”
·         “I am an autonomous person, not an incubator.”
·         “You’re being so transvaginal right now.”
·         “Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb.”
·         “Don’t let the state decide a woman’s fate.”

 “They were witty,” Merinova said. “But the best part was a dog's shirt which said ‘stay out of my mom's crotch and I'll stay out of yours.’”

“I thought it was a beautiful event,” said freshman Sierra Schwartz. “But I was slightly disappointed because I thought there would be more people and press. Nevertheless, the passion of the crowd was inspiring.”

When asked what she thought of the speakers though, Scwartz shrugged and cracked a smile.
“I honestly was too busy playing with that dog to listen to the speakers.”

And now it's time for some fun, feline commentary:

 A horrifying picture of myself at the event. Notice my professional notepad and band-aid-on-knee.


As you can see kitties of all sizes, colors and fur united at the rally!


Thursday, June 28, 2012


What is real beauty?

Magazines seem to think that it's overly photoshopped models.

I disagree.

Today is day two of Miss Representation, SPARK Movement, LoveSocial, Endangered Bodies and I Am That Girl's Keep It Real Challenge. Inspired by Julia Bluhm's petition to Seventeen Magazine, the Keep It Real Challenge asks for one simple request to magazines: contain at least one unphotoshopped image of a model each issue. Is that so much to ask?

Frankly it disappoints me to know that every photograph that I see in a magazine of a model is fake. One of the worst examples of magazine photoshopping was when Cosmopolitan altered an image of Demi Lovato to make her appear thinner. Accompanying the photo was an article about Lovato's battle with eating disorders and bipolar disorder. Now that's a slap in the face.

What magazines do with photoshop is disgusting. Did you know that three out of four girls feel depressed, guilty and shameful after spending three minutes leafing through a fashion magazine?

It's no surprise because twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average women. Today that number is 23% less.

This needs to change. Tell the magazines that it's time to #KeepItReal.

It's not too late to join in on the challenge! Write a blog post or film a vlog post by midnight and post it on the Keep It Real event page. And for tomorrow, post a photo of what you believe real beauty is on Instragram using #KeepItRealChallenge. Feel free to favorite/reply to my #KeepItReal tweets from yesterday. My twitter handle is @corinne_fal. And it's not too late for you to tweet at magazines too!

Don't be this cat and let the magazines win! Tell the editors to #KeepItReal!


Friday, June 22, 2012

I Can't Wait To Curl Up And Read This!

One of my favorite tumblrs has turned into one of my favorite coffee table books!


A video of moi reading my lovely new book :-P


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woohoo For My Froofroo?

I wish I never saw this ad:

My vagina isn't a froofroo, nor is it a lady garden. And don't you dare call it a twinkle. It's a vagina, for god's sake.


I'm angry.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoshanna Is My Spirit Animal

Man, I love this show. Despite all of the awkward sex scenes, scary Adam moments, and crazy shit that Hannah does, I can't get enough of "Girls." Now that the season's over, I don't know what I'm going to do with my Sundays/weeks spent looking forward to Sunday.

What is it about this show that captivated so many people? Lena Dunham is a genius. I loved "Tiny Furniture," and I love "Girls" even more. But the character that really got me to love the show so much was Shoshanna. Maybe it's because she's the only one still in college. Or it could be because I am as anxious and over talkative as she is.

Even though Adam getting hit by a car, Jessa getting married and Marnie turning into a chubby chaser were three big events in the finale, Shoshanna and Ray getting it in was my favorite part. After Ray served as Shoshanna's crack spiritual guide in "That One Time in Bushwick," I was counting down the days until they would hook up.

I think the thing about Shoshanna that makes her my favorite is the fact that you want to find her annoying, but you can't because she's just too funny.

I love this video as much as I love Shoshanna. Maybe even more.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Apparently Photoshop Can Make People Fatter Too

I read an article today about how magazine editors use photoshop to correct extreme thinness. I don't understand the media. You can be too fat, too skinny, too pale, too tan...It's literally impossible to be "just right." As a social action representative for Miss Representation, I often share blog posts on my twitter about how the media affects body image. Look at these shocking statistics I found from fellow social action rep Melissa Fabello:

65% of women and girls have disordered eating behaviors.
31% of girls admit to starving themselves to lose weight.
90% of those who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.
53% of thirteen-year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies. This grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen.

It's no secret that negative body image is a problem in our country. But what can we do to fix it? I think that every girl should watch "Miss Representation." It's a powerful documentary about how much the media negatively affects young girls. If girls can recognize the problem, I believe that they can fight it.

But what can we do right now? Start a petition and send it to your favorite fashion magazine asking them to stop photoshopping their models and cover girls. Don't go on a fad diet. Start a discussion with your friends about how you can promote positive body image. And most importantly, be aware of the pervasive, negative media.

If you can recognize the problem, you can stop it.

These kitties are beautiful and not photoshopped!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And So Begins A Match Made In Heaven.

Feminism and cats. They were meant to be. I'm starting this blog in order to make their relationship public. I plan to post weekly updates about feminist issues that grab my attention in the news, entertainment and the blogosphere. Each post will end with a cat video because who doesn't love cat videos?

Here's the first cat video from The Feminist Feline!

Kittens Inspired by Kittens, one of my favorites: