Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shoshanna Is My Spirit Animal

Man, I love this show. Despite all of the awkward sex scenes, scary Adam moments, and crazy shit that Hannah does, I can't get enough of "Girls." Now that the season's over, I don't know what I'm going to do with my Sundays/weeks spent looking forward to Sunday.

What is it about this show that captivated so many people? Lena Dunham is a genius. I loved "Tiny Furniture," and I love "Girls" even more. But the character that really got me to love the show so much was Shoshanna. Maybe it's because she's the only one still in college. Or it could be because I am as anxious and over talkative as she is.

Even though Adam getting hit by a car, Jessa getting married and Marnie turning into a chubby chaser were three big events in the finale, Shoshanna and Ray getting it in was my favorite part. After Ray served as Shoshanna's crack spiritual guide in "That One Time in Bushwick," I was counting down the days until they would hook up.

I think the thing about Shoshanna that makes her my favorite is the fact that you want to find her annoying, but you can't because she's just too funny.

I love this video as much as I love Shoshanna. Maybe even more.


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