Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sanrio: Enough with the Girl-Harming Products

As many of you already know, I am a social action representative for Miss Representation. My newest social rep project is to start an online campaign that works to end sexist media. I have decided to take on Sanrio and their sexist Hello Kitty products. I think that this campaign is perfect for The Feminist Feline because it urges one of the world's favorite felines to stop its girl-harming products.

I recently wrote a post about Hello Kitty's "I am as heavy as three apples!" collection. In the post I discussed about how the collection promotes unhealthy weight aspirations for young girls:

Whether or not Sanrio meant to inform consumers of Hello Kitty's slim physique, this product teaches girls that it's okay to discuss weight with one another. I'm not trying to say that weight is a taboo topic, but one's weight is personal. When we start discussing it with our friends, we get competitive. It's inevitable. And it's this weight competition that perpetuates society's obsession with being skinny. - The Feminist Feline, July 12, 2012

 I came across another sexist Hello Kitty collection while browsing through the Miss Representation twitter page.

Mubnii said it perfectly. The Hello Kitty "Head of the Class" make-up collection teaches girls that looking pretty is more important than being smart. We need to stop telling girls that beauty trumps brains.

These two offensive Hello Kitty collections have inspired me to start an online petition on I'm going to try to get some more friends on board before I make it. Stay tuned for the petition!


This kitty values brains over beauty!


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  1. Hello Kitty is sexist towards boys and men, but your sexist anti-male brain can't comprehend such things so you automatically view it as the other way round. Even now as you read this you assume I must be a male thug but I am in fact a 23 year old woman.