Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miley's Twerking Wasn't The Problem

I'm sure that we've all seen - as well as thoroughly deconstructed  - Miley's performance at the VMAs last week. Many blogs and other social media sites have discussed Miley's lack of taste in her performance as well as her hyper-sexualized dance moves.

I agree that her dancing was a little distasteful, but that was not what made me angry with her performance. Though we might not all like the way she presents her sexuality, Miley does have the right to do what she wants with her body. "Third wave" feminism focuses a lot on sexual freedom and the freedom to choose what one does with her body.

So going along with this logic, if Miley wants to twerk, let her twerk. Her dance moves were not the biggest problem with her performance. The real problem was the way that she used African American women as props. All of her dancers were black, which presents a somewhat racist picture when Miley - the only white girl on stage - is at the forefront.

Not only did these dancers essentially act as backdrops, but Miley also played with them as if they were objects. The dancers were dressed as teddy bears that Miley could play with, and she made it clear that they were nothing more than her playthings when she motorboated one of the dancer's butts.

Why were all the dancers black? Is it because African American women tend to have larger butts? That's what we call a stereotype, Miley. Throughout history African American women have been hyper-sexualized and treated like objects. As far as we think we have gotten in terms of civil rights, Miley took us another step backwards with her performance. She showed us that African American women are just her teddy bears and nothing more.

~ Corinne

Cats can twerk too!

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