Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why Women's Magazines Never Appeal To Me

Drop two sizes!

Resize your thighs

Perfect skin secrets!

Fabulous fall fashion

The hunger fix that sheds pounds fast!

Love your closet!

Flat abs, great butt

These are just a few cover stories in the September and October 2013 issues of some of the most popular women's magazines.

What do these headlines tell me? They tell me that I'm fat, I eat too much, and that my skin sucks.

Typical women's interest magazines have never appealed to me. They are 95% advertisements (the first story in the 902 page September Vogue issue isn't until halfway through the magazine), they're filled with clothes I can't afford, and they're always telling me that I need to lose weight. After reading one of these magazines, all I want to do is take a nap.

It bothers me that in stores, intelligent magazines like The Economist, Fast Company, Forbes, and National Geographic are always in the same section as the men's magazines.

I'd prefer that Rolling Stone were not right next to Maxim, thank you very much. Just because I like music does not mean that I also like "badass blondes!" (one of the cover stories in the September 2013 issue of Maxim).

Gender stereotypes are spelled out in magazines. Just read the covers. Women are supposed to be thin, have perfect skin, eat well, and be interested in fashion and beauty. Men, on the other hand, are supposed to be muscular and lean, attracted to big-boobed, blonde women, and obsessed with the NFL. But what if I don't want to read a story about herbal face masks? Am I not a real women?

Not all women's magazines are horrendously stereotypical though. A couple of years ago I discovered Bust magazine buried behind Cosmopolitan and Seventeen at my local Barnes & Noble. Bust gives a feminist spin to your traditional women's magazine. There still are fashion spreads and beauty tricks, but there are also stories on current events, body-positive articles, and DIY crafts. In fact, the August/September 2013 issue had a story about plus-sized fashion and why it is always cast aside. The online blog is also great too.

Bust is not feminist magazine out there. There's also Bitch, off our backs, and Ms. - the feminist magazine that started it all. Without these magazines, I'm not sure what I'd do on planes because God forbid if I have to read another article on how to get a sexy butt. I like my butt the way it is!

Cat Fancy is another one of my favorite magazines.


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  1. Hahahahaha! I love this! It's so sassy and on point. I totally agree with you. Women's magazines are ridiculous and I also have no interest in reading them. I love magazines (like Rolling Stone, People, Entertainment Weekly, and even GQ!) that have some actual content and some level of insight. I truly don't care about my butt or how to get rid of cellulite in 10 days. P.S. I love cats so much it hurts.