Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hating on Carrie isn't doing anything good for feminism

Now I know that I am over a week behind on this, but now that I am done with finals, I FINALLY got down to watching "The Sound of Music Live!" tonight. Being a week behind meant that I got to see what my friends, critics, and the Twitterverse got to say about it before actually watching it. Unfortunately, the only posts that I saw were negative ones about the program's star, Carrie Underwood.

Yes, Carrie is not a trained actress and there are plenty of professional actresses who could have done the role better, but it's not fair for us to be so critical of Carrie. The worst part is that many of these negative reviews came from women. As a woman and feminist, I personally do not think that it is right to hate on other women. We should look at Carrie's performance from a positive lens because it is her presence - not any of the male performers' - that brought in many of the 21.3 million viewers.

I'll admit that there were some parts where I was yelling at the TV screen, "Come on, Carrie! Stop being so monotone, pleae!" But thankfully most of the words that came out of her mouth were lyrics, and there's no doubt that Carrie has a wonderful voice. She must have worked very hard to get rid of her country twang, and it certainly paid off. She sounded amazing. And while she was singing, her eyes lit up and she told the story beautifully.

So let's stop it with this girl-on-girl crime. Carrie's voice is fantastic and although she may not be the best actress, she still did a fantastic job.

And if Carrie was not enough for you, Audra KILLED IT so just calm down and listen to this:

But alas, critics will be critics... :-P

~ Corinne

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