Saturday, February 8, 2014

GoldieBlox makes history

If you're a dedicated feminist like me, you didn't watch the Super Bowl for the game, you watched it to call out sexist commercials on Twitter.

Thanks to The Representation Project, thousands of people joined me last Sunday, using #NotBuyingIt to call out the companies who made these offensive ads.

Thankfully, there were much less sexist commercials this year than years past. The Representation Project and their #NotBuyingIt campaign are to thank. (Remember when they got GoDaddy to end its sexist advertising?)

But the biggest winner of the night was not GoDaddy, it was GoldieBlox, the girls' toy startup that won a 30-second spot on Sunday's game.

GoldieBlox is a revolutionary toy company, as it encourages little girls to explore innovation. Instead of producing dolls and pink stuffed animals, GoldieBlox makes building toys targeted to girls.

Their Super Bowl ad is absolutely adorable. It features little girls building a rocket out of the pink toys that bore them. The rocket then flies into space and the girls cheer. Check out the uncut version here.


We need more companies like GoldieBlox. It's about time that girls realize they can be more than wives, beauticians, and babysitters. I wish GoldieBlox was around when I was a kid!


In other Super Bowl news, Lil Bub made an appearance on Puppy Bowl X! Be sure to check out her Special Special on Animal Planet Saturday, February 8 at 9pm!

~ Corinne

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